Pre-Global Women Performing Arts Festival

The festival is the most primitive communication square

The "2020 Pre-global women performing arts festival" is a venue to promote the realities and tasks faced by women around the world and to gather strength and will to solve them.

In order to reflect the diverse needs of our society and create a more equal and peaceful society, it is a place where women who have lived and fought for the year comforted and celebrated each other in the form of festivals, which were the most fundamental "communication fields" in human history.

The language of the art that connects

In Busan, the first place of the MeToo movement in the cultural world that took place like wildfire in 2018, women from around the world, including Korea, discuss gender discrimination and sexual violence, eliminate misogyny, and create a system and cultural environment that improves social problems. We want to create a healthy performing arts festival where people can empathize and understand each other and support each other by building bridges for the equality of human values in the language of "art".

From a source of inspiration
as the main subject of creation

As all the people who raised the voice of the global women's movement were artists, the purpose of this project is to recognize the progressive position of "art," to recognize the gender sensitivity needed in Korean society from an international perspective, and to establish women artists as active "creators" and "creators" who change the world rather than passive muse.